Transit Leasing transports loads in the upstate area of South Carolina and surrounding areas. We can use one of our dry freight vans for the load or pick up your already loaded trailer and deliver. We are able to wait for the live unload and return the trailer to you as well. Transit Leasing also provides shuttle services. We can deliver your load 2 miles down the road or simply move trailers to and from your docks. No job is too small for us!

Transit Leasing is a small growing company and we aim to please our customers. So, whatever your transportation need, Transit Leasing is your one stop shop!

Dry Freight Vans

We provide dry freight vans, also known as semi-trailers, for short term rental or long term lease. We have a large selection of 48 & 53 ft trailers available for delivery to your facility. We carry both swing door and roll up doors, wooden floor and steel floor. In addition to storage trailers, Transit Leasing also provides road worthy trailers that your company can use for your transportation and logistics needs. No space? You can load your product on one of our trailers and we can bring it back to our yard to store for you. Whatever your need, Transit Leasing has you covered!

Shipping Containers

We offer steel cargo shipping containers in both 20 ft & 40 ft. length; each being 8 ft tall and 8 ft wide. 40 ft containers are also available in high cube (HC) which is 9.5 ft tall. Our containers are guaranteed wind and water tight at time of delivery. Delivery time for containers is usually 1-3 days; weather permitting.

For an extra charge we can paint your container any color that you choose. (Some people like the color to match their home or office)

Our driver will come out to look at the spot that you want your container placed to verify that delivery is possible. These trucks weigh a lot and make wide turns, so there has to be plenty of room and no tree limbs or power lines too low to prevent delivery.

Household Moving

Moving? Transit Leasing has you covered! We have a variety of trailers available that will suit your need. We simply deliver the trailer to you, you load it up, and when ready, we will pick up and deliver to your new home. There is no rush to get unloaded. Take all the time you need. Unlike other moving options, there is no time frame with Transit Leasing; no mileage charges and no daily rental rates. Our rates are per month and cost a fraction of what the other guys would cost!

Shuttle Service

No job is too small for Transit Leasing. We are a small company ourselves and will cater to the little guy as well. Don’t have a yard driver? We have you covered! Transit Leasing will come to your business and move trailers to and from your docks. Need to take a load just next door or down the street to your warehouse? We will do that too! Whatever your need, Transit Leasing has you covered!


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